Why a new wave of SaaS products are branding themselves as the source of truth and what it means for the industry

Manage spreadsheet import, mapping, and validation for web applications

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How I built a QBO integration to monitor department revenues and costs with Python

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Using Python to import Journal Entry spreadsheets to Quickbooks Online, for free

Combining Cumul.io’s embedded analytics platform with a hotglue Quickbooks data integration pipeline

Demo of the combined functionality of Cumul.io and hotglue
  • how is my monthly recurring revenue (MRR) trending?
  • what does the churn look like this month? …

How cloud computing, the Python stack, data warehouses, and the growth of SaaS platforms are poised to change the face of data integration.

The tools that make creating data integration pipelines easier than ever for B2B developers

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  • accounting software that needs to pull invoices from NetSuite, Intuit Quickbooks, or Sage…

Building a lightweight Quickbooks data integration pipeline using Python

Building a lightweight Salesforce data integration pipeline using Python

The growing debate over the viability of building on open source Singer taps

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Easily build integrations with your customers’ business apps

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